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Regenerative Organic Certified Silver Logo

Gruff is proud to be among the farmers, educators, researchers and individuals making strides to create a restorative food system through using regenerative organic practices. We are excited to announce our brand new ROC Silver Certification through the Regenerative Organic Alliance. At Gruff we are committed to providing products that are healing for both body and soil. Restoring and regenerating soil is our investment into tomorrow. We align ourselves with the Regenerative Organic Alliance to rehabilitate soil, respect animal welfare, and improve the lives of farmers. By sequestering carbon, and building healthier communities, we will reap more nutritious and abundant yields for the future.

Gruff Ancient Grain Grits are USDA Certified Organic through the Montana Department of Agriculture. We find that adhering to the strict production, handling and labeling standards of the long respected USDA Organic label allows our customers to trust the integrity of the process as well as the product.


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