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Why Celebrate Grit with Grits?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

What is all this talk about a gritogether?

Here we explain the why and the how behind the casual collaborative feast for celebrating the grit in those you love.

Gruff farmers use Regenerative Organic farming practices to grow ancient grains for our grits. The culmination of this pairing is a unique product with a hearty back story and a heap of grit(s), yep grit and grits. There is a dual meaning happening here, and a way to celebrate with the concept too, so read on!

Woman in coveralls grinds grain at home with a grinder
Grits can be made from any grain


Grit has been defined as 1) passion and perseverance toward a goal despite facing failures, obstacles or adversities along the way. Grits 2) coarsely ground grain. The Gruff story really resonates with both definitions, and we are stoked to welcome you to the renaissance of ancient grains, because grits have never tasted so good!

Gruff’s journey has required grit. Not everyone understands our drive to farm non conventionally (without applying synthetic chemicals, fungicides or pesticides), or can agree that there are healthier and more effective long term solutions to contend with invasive weed pressure (a pressing issue for organic farmers). Expensive seed doesn't always germinate, rain is detrimentally sparse, and grasshoppers sometimes devastate entire fields. There are long hours on the tractor or combine assuming they are running properly. Farmers may find themselves covered in grease and chaff to diagnose an unexpected breakdown and hoping that it can be repaired before the long awaited rain comes. Eight hour days would often be considered part time work and Labor Day is not an expected holiday. In these circumstances, it takes grit to press on without giving up.

Farmer looks down at hand holding grains of Farro above a ripe field
Gruff grain is measurably different


Grits have been around for a good long while. But being measurably different means that Gruff grits are really so much more than just coarsely cracked grain. Their authenticity is found in their ancient varietal, which is known as Farro. By nature, ancient grains are self-sustaining and resilient, remaining unchanged for thousands of years. It takes grit to not only persevere but THRIVE through calamities and drastic environmental challenges. That’s exactly why we like them so much.

Hopper pours grain into a truck at the end of the night
No synthetic inputs here

Gruff is committed to grow, harvest, crack and package the highest quality ancient grains into grits for your next gathering. Our farmers do what it takes to make it happen. Grits are identity preserved, and come from farms using regenerative organic certified practices, which are challenging but necessary to meet our criteria. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most nutrient dense grains possible, so chemicals, GMO’s and synthetic inputs are Big NO’s.


If we get right down to the nitty-gritty, Gruff has grit, and makes grits, from ancient grains with grit. Whew! We believe that grit is inspiring. Gritty people AND gritty grits…sounds like a legit reason to celebrate and we invite you to host what we believe to be the best party ever, a Gritogether.

Friends gritogether in camp chairs in a creek on a hot summer day
If it gets hot, just add water.

Think of a person whose grit you admire. Did your spouse just advance in their career path, or your bestie just launch a new start up? How about your kid that worked hard and finally graduated school? Are you inspired by a young friend who accomplished a goal despite physical challenges? Not only is there a way to relate to the struggle but now a way to celebrate the process.

Two girls in long sleeve swimsuits scoop ancient grain grits from a stainless steel pot at a gritogether.
No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Let's gritogether.


A Grit focused Gritogether is a way to celebrate the grit you see in someone you love. By definition, a Gritogether is a casual collaborative experience for people to gather and enjoy both nourishing food and healthy conversation. Think old school potluck, but trendy and more delicious. You make the grits and guests bring the sides. It’s a fun, simple and affordable way to host. Check out our website where you will find ideas to make the party an easy option for a busy host.

Do not wait for ceremonial settings such as birthdays, weddings or worse, funerals. Celebrate now, in the process. If we take to jubilating with each other more frequently, perhaps we will build stronger bonds, make more memories and cherish meaningful micro moments with those who matter most to us. A Gritogether uses grits to cheer on your gritty person, and makes life a little more sweet and savory.

(See our Gritogether link for both sweet & savory options)

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