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Now and Later Meals

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Want to know the best way to simplify meal time and never waste great grits? Let us introduce to you the biggest game changer for your routine…Now and Later meals.

Wooden bowl of Ancient Grain Grits topped with currants, sliced apples and cinnamon stick. An apple, bowl of currants, white table cloth and wooden spoon surround the bowl
Breakfast with Ancient Grain Grits

As busy moms, we are ALL about simplifying and maximizing what you can make with good food. Saving time makes good sense and Gruff grits are equally delicious now and later (Which is code for “left overs”). It only takes 12 minutes, whether you make one batch or two, so sometimes that’s just what we do!

When you buy quality ingredients, you don’t want them to go waste. Use some grits now and save the rest for a planned meal. This way, extra portions don’t sit in the back of the fridge with empty promises of “getting to it later”. We’ve been there and we are here to help. Now and Later meals are now your new favorite ways to think through meal planning. You are welcome.


In a small glass jar layer grits with yogurt, honey, cinnamon & berries, top with coconut and hemp or chopped walnuts add lid for a grab and go in the morning or as an afternoon snack.


Garnish warm grits with butter and pepper, chopped fresh veggies, sausage, fried egg and grated Parmesan. Don’t bother making toast, you won’t need it!

Pan fry grits and drizzle with a little sesame and liquid aminos. Stop there or summon your inner chef and add your favorite stir fry ingredients. We like fried egg, thin sliced sautéed cabbage and mushrooms, green onion, grated fresh ginger, and peas. Sprinkle with chopped cashews.


White bowl of soup with carrots, peas, peppers, ancient grain grits and spices with a spoon in the bowl
Soup is a great way to use ancient grain grits for lunch

Another fun idea is to stir a small heap of col

d grits into a piping hot bowl of soup. The pre-cooked grits will cool the soup for your littles and their bellies will be full and happy.

Dinner with ancient grain grits.

Once you start your day with the Now and Later concept in mind, the end of the day rush for dinner becomes a quick and enjoyable way to get delicious fo

od on the table; that means less stress and more fun time with your people.

Formal dining table with lace table cloth hold a large platter of ancient grain grits topped with steak, clams, white wine sauce  and parsley garnish
Dress up your grits for a Surf and Turf Dinner


P.S. scroll back through the images on this page that give a great example of what can be done for breakfast, lunch and dinner using the Now and Later concept.

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